Wednesday, February 26, 2020

A GIS process to select a suitable site for locating a hospital in Literature review

A GIS process to select a suitable site for locating a hospital in London where ambulances can reach people within 10 minutes - Literature review Example The site should be big enough to accommodate a hospital with about 7000 rooms where about 800 beds can be placed and more than fifty two thousand hospital equipment and furniture. The stated rooms can appear to be incredibly many but with rooms needed for emergencies, offices, rehabilitations, outpatient and inpatient services; they cannot be enough. A site accommodating such a hospital ought to be as big as forty football pitches to ensure that there is even available space for hospital employees and patients’ families parking. Additionally, the hospital prospected has to have a number of towers to save on cost and land. Currently, most hospitals have to deal with congestion and extreme struggling incase more facilities are needed. Having a lot of land like that stated above ensures that the hospital can build all facilities required. Expansion of hospitals after their construction is always an unavoidable act. For this reason, there is a need of buying land as big as the one stated above to cater for expansion in the later years1. London has four major parts that include the southwest London, southeast London, northeast London and north central London. According to statistics, there are about twenty hospitals in each stated part but most are not newly build. Among these hospitals, a number are faced with difficulties of managing cleanliness. In choosing a site for constructing a hospital, it is essential to ensure that the site is near to multiple sources of water and power. It is essential to realize most hospitals around the London town centre are faced with problems related to water shortages since they did not take precaution during construction. Some locations may have all the other qualities but lack water. This should not be such a major problem since there are artificial build wells and boreholes that can supply the hospital with enough water.

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