Thursday, December 12, 2019

Smashing UX Design

Question: Describe about the Smashing UX Design? Answer: Overview Tablets and smart phones have become popular enough. The use of tablets and smart phones are growing very rapidly. Those are mobile and can work like computers. The museum authority has selected tablets for offering a multimedia based support for the visitors of the exhibitions. They will provide a tablet to each visitor. The tablet will be programmed for delivering some predefined services to the visitors. For example, the tablet will work like a guide through the exhibition. It will provide image and textual descriptions for each items of an exhibition. If needed then it will provide audio or video based support also. The tablet will guide a visitor by showing paths or let the user choose his/ her own path. Other than the exhibition items, the tablet will help to locate foods centers, toilets etc. There will be multi language support for the tablet interface. (Galitz, 2009) The project is focused on designing suitable interface for the tablets that are supposed to accompany visitors of an exhibition. Vision The project is aimed to provide an information technology based solutions to the visitors of an exhibition. The visitors will not need any guide through the exhibition. They can enjoy an exhibition by their own. The museum authority will no longer need to set up information kiosk at different places in an exhibition. There will be support for visitors with different language and the interface will be easy to use so that people from all age group can use the interface. People from every age and language are supposed to enjoy the exhibitions at their own pace. The project will help them to do so. Scope The project is on designing the tablet interfaces only. Thus interface usability is the main scope of the project. The technical details and technical performances of the tablets are out of scope of this project. Outcomes The outcome of the project will be layouts of interface designs for interactions with the tablet for different purposes. Key assumptions Key assumptions of this project are following, It is assumed that people have minimum experience in handling a tablet or working with touch interfaces. The tablets will be used for the museum exhibitions only. No other facilities will be available on the tablets. For example people will not be able to make call or browse web from the tablet. Cost is not a prime consideration for the tablets. It is assumed that every single visitor will have access to one tablet provided by the museum authority. (Wood, 2014) There will be enough security at the exhibitions so visitors can not steal a tablet. Accessibility is an important factor. There may be physically challenged people, the interfaces will have different sets of accessibility options to provide support to such visitors. But there will be not enough support for the blind people. However, if they want they can hear the audio transcripts of the descriptions of the items etc. Objectives, Outputs and Targets The objectives of the museum authority is cutting down operational cost yet providing the visitors an enriching experience of visiting the exhibitions. The initial cost of setting up the infrastructure for tablet based guidance to the visitors will be higher but the maintenance and operation cost will be lower over time. The target is to attract more visitors and making profit from the exhibitions. Success Criteria The success criteria at this stage are the following, (Banga Weinhold, 2014) Easy to use interfaceAccessibility optionsEnough help and support options.Effective interface designs.Usability should be better enough. References Allen, J., Chudley, J. (2012). Smashing UX Design. John Wiley Sons. Banga, C., Weinhold, J. (2014). Essential Mobile Interaction Design. Addison-Wesley Professional. Galitz. (2009). The Essential Guide To User Interface Design. John Wiley Sons. Wood, D. (2014). Basics Interactive Design: Interface Design. Bloomsbury Publishing.

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